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    人才入庫| 企業登錄| 加入卓眾| 服務熱線:400-867-5882
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    Essential Functions(基本功能):

    ● Negotiate price, schedule, and deliverables of critical suppliers’ equipment, components, services, and subcontracted efforts to meet business goals(協商關鍵供應商的設備,組件,服務和分包工作的價格,進度和可交付成果,以實現業務目標).

    o Purchase equipment (tools, systems, services, and subcontracted efforts such as installation) to meet or beat aggressive cost and schedule requirements.


    o Purchase products competitively to meet or exceed both cost of goods sold (COGS) and inventory goals.


    o Manage the entire purchasing cycle, including RFQ/RFP generation, creation of purchase orders, annual supply agreements, and receipt of goods.

    管理整個采購周期,包括RFQ / RFP生成,采購訂單的創建,年度供應協議和貨物的收貨。

    ● Lead the strategic growth plan for purchasing, scheduling manufacturing activities, material requirements planning, supplier relationship management, and managing inventory levels(引導采購,調度制造活動,物料需求計劃,供應商關系管理和庫存水平管理的戰略增長計劃).

    ● Monitor supplier performance in both schedule and quality and provide feedback to suppliers and internal stakeholders. Design, implement, and maintain a supplier scorecard system(以時間表和質量方式監控供應商績效,并向供應商和內部利益相關者提供反饋。 設計,實施和維護供應商記分卡系統).

    ● Ensure an uninterrupted flow of incoming raw materials while meeting inventory turn goals(確保進入的原材料不間斷流動,同時滿足庫存轉向目標).

    ● Coordinate manufacturing schedules between departments to maximize flow of product, eliminate waste and meet customers’ promised delivery dates(協調部門之間的制造計劃,以最大限度地發揮產品流動,消除浪費并滿足客戶承諾的交付日期).

    ● Develop strategic objectives that address quality, cost, efficiency and overall continuous improvement(制定解決質量,成本,效率和總體持續改進的戰略目標).

    ● Facilitate communication and coordination between departments(促進部門間溝通協調)



    ● Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.(本科學歷或同等學歷)


    Minimum Experience Required(最低經驗要求):

    ● 5+ years Buying experience required(5年以上需要購買經驗).


    Skills Required(技能要求):

    · Subject matter expertise: candidate must be a demonstrated expert in procurement including the design and execution of procurement systems. This includes but is not limited to supplier evaluation, negotiation, tracking delivery schedules, and maintaining a supplier scorecard.


    · Ability to identify and quantify financial risks and true total cost of ownership.


    · Ability to drive aggressive project plans and schedules to successful conclusion on time, on budget, and with high quality.


    · Experience with semiconductor fabrication, esp. knowledge of IC supply chain management and semiconductor fabrication tool procurement, is strongly desired.

    半導體制造經驗,尤其是 IC供應鏈管理和半導體制造工具采購方面的知識是非常需要的

    · Proven record of strict attention to detail.嚴格關注細節的成熟記錄

    · Evidence of creativity and problem-solving. 創造力和解決問題的證據

    · Good teamwork and effective communication skills.良好的團隊合作精神和有效的溝通能力

    ● Willing to wear several hats and grow with the company. 愿意身兼數職,與公司一起成長

    ● Working knowledge of MS Office applications. MS Office應用程序的工作知識

    ● Travel to suppliers and partners (up to 20%) required. 需要去供應商和合作伙伴所在城市處出差(最多20%)

    ● Advanced certification preferred (NCMA, ISM, etc.). 優先認證(NCMA,ISM等)






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